The Smart Court® 360º Approach

A Fresh Approach to Resolution

teamKelly Bennett and Sherrill Ellsworth serve as Southern California’s only dual team of private judges, arbitrators, mediators and special masters. The unique combination of their legal knowledge and courtroom expertise is a boon to people who need immediate, quality justice, which the traditional court system cannot deliver. The Bennett/Ellsworth team provides custom, high-level decisions on each case they decide. For those who prefer to work things out (instead of having judges make decisions for them), Attorney Bennett and Judge Ellsworth mediate, using their effective 360º Approach to get disputes and lawsuits quickly settled.

Our core belief is that with the 360º wrap-around approach, your case will receive more thoughtful consideration of all issues. You don’t roll the dice with one legal perspective (one judge or one mediator). One of the disadvantages of going before a single retired judge, or one seasoned attorney mediator/arbitrator is you only get half of the necessary expertise.

When you put the two experts together in the dispute resolution context, you receive the wrap-around service that gets you the results you need. The judicial perspective offers expertise in focused fact-finding and fair decision-making. The experienced attorney/mediator/arbitrator perspective offers expertise in issue spotting, managing interests and expectations, risk assessment and effective communication with the judiciary. As they say, “two heads are better than one.”


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