The Smart Court Approach

A Fresh Approach to Resolution

“Justice delayed is justice denied…” as they say. When you’re in the midst of conflict, the traditional court process is slow and complex – unable to serve you properly. We believe your case deserves the undivided attention of an expert who can deliver immediate relief, and get you to the finish line fast – leaving your dignity and wallet intact.

Veteran mediator Kelly Bennett delivers thoughtful consideration of all issues and unparalleled expertise. Combining laser-beam focus on you and your needs, with cutting edge technology to simplify the process, you receive the ultimate justice experience that gets results now. Ms. Bennett’s negotiation expertise includes focused fact-finding, issue spotting, managing interests and expectations, risk assessment and practical solutions. This is the total package you need, to get your case settled at warp speed, privately and with minimal expense. Now that’s Smart.


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Bringing a smarter and faster approach to your legal resolution.

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