When going through business, real estate or employment litigation, fear of the unknown and the cost of legal services can be paralyzing. Wondering how you’re going to afford the legal fees and costs? Traditional court is expensive and slow as molasses. Smart Court Mediation services save you time and money (big money). Smart Court cases are typically resolved for 50% to 75% of the cost of a traditional court case.

Smart Court’s Master Mediator, Kelly Bennett is a seasoned expert in business, real estate and employment law. With nearly 30 years in law, as a trial lawyer Ms. Bennett has represented and defended employees, employers, and business owners. For nearly three  decades, Ms. Bennett has decided (as an arbitrator) and mediated business, real estate and employment disputes. Ms. Bennett knows business. We believe you deserve a way to get through tough times in your business and work life successfully, where your hard-earned money and assets are preserved.

At Smart Court, you have many options. Check out the offerings below and see which services are the best fit for your unique case.  When you’re ready to wrap up a dispute and get back to business, Smart Court is just a phone call away.

Business & Employment Mediation

With Smart Court® Mediation, you resolve business and employment disputes in a private, comfortable non-adversarial setting. Through mediation, the parties are in the driver’s seat, not a judge. Skip the pain and expense of spending months and years in the traditional court system. A long, protracted court battle can ruin your financial security and run you out of business. Smart Court® Mediation is the path to a workable solution that’s right for you.

Business & Employment Arbitration

Are you represented by an attorney, but need to get your day in court now, with a great legal mind that gives your case the undivided attention it deserves? Smart Court® Arbitration services give you private, dignified, immediate justice in your business, real estate or employment disputes.