We know you work hard for your clients. Your advocacy deserves thoughtful consideration by the neutrals hearing the case. Smart Court® provides you the best neutrals, processes and technology to usher your cases to settlement or judgment. Smart Court® helps advocates get their clients to the finish line faster through cost-effective and innovative mediation, arbitration and private judging services.

Businesses and individuals in litigation need great legal counsel who can effectively and economically address the disputes of their clients. Smart Court’s dual-team neutrals, retired past-presiding Judge Sherrill Ellsworth and veteran mediator/arbitrator/private judge Attorney Kelly Bennett provide innovative solutions to resolve your cases efficiently.

Smart Court® Mediation can help ground emotional parties, stop the financial bleeding and end the case sanely and privately. In the end, you are the hero who gets your client to the finish line faster.

Have a case that requires arbitration? Smart Court® Arbitration is the way to go. Smart Court Private Judging with the Bennett/Ellsworth team provides total case management, fast-tracked, with appealable interim and final orders achieved in a timely manner. Through the Smart Court® Private Judging program, everything from discovery disputes, discovery schedule orders, interim orders, order modifications, evaluations, substantive law and motion and trial are handled in-house.

What about that case that should settle, but there’s one or two sticking points that if resolved, would enable the parties to immediately agree on the remaining issues? Smart Court® Flash Resolution provides spot mediation or adjudication of issues at an affordable price and at lightning speed. Smart Court® Case Management/Discovery Plan Service and Facilitated Mandatory Settlement Conferences are additional tools to help your clients get to resolution.

In each practice area below, you will find pricing information, easy to follow instructions, fillable forms and everything else you need to get your clients on track to a better justice experience.