Are you represented by an attorney, but need to get your day in court now, with great legal minds that give your case the undivided attention it deserves? Smart Court Arbitration services give you private, dignified, immediate justice in your business, real estate or employment disputes.

Arbitration – The “Relaxed” Private Trial

Smart Court Arbitration is a process much like a court trial, but done in our comfortable, private conference rooms, where the rules are relaxed and the process is streamlined. In arbitration, the disputing parties submit their case to the Smart Court neutrals for fact-finding and judgment. Your entire case can be heard, or just select issues decided by the Bennett/Ellsworth team of Smart Court Arbitrators. These aren’t self-proclaimed “judges.” Your Smart Court Judges have been on the bench in traditional court roles and are well respected among bench and bar (read more here on their experience). They know the law and how to apply it fairly and swiftly.

There Are Two Types of Arbitration:

  • Binding Arbitration – this process results in a decision by the arbitrators which is binding on the parties, and is enforceable by the court as a final judgment.
  • Advisory Arbitration – this process results in a decision which is not binding, nor enforceable by the court. The purpose of advisory arbitration is to facilitate settlement by giving the parties an indication of the likely outcome of the case, should it proceed to trial before the court, or in a subsequent binding arbitration.

Attorney Bennett and Judge Ellsworth will decide some or all of the issues in your case, as directed by the parties and their attorneys. This customized approach gets you to the finish line faster. Utilizing the Smart Court® 360º Approach, your case is carefully decided in a timely manner.

Why use Arbitration over Private Judging? Arbitrations are completely confidential and no documents other than a final judgment are filed with the court. In Arbitration, no members of the public are permitted to attend, and appealing an arbitration ruling is limited to narrow circumstances. Rulings from a Private Judge, on the other hand, are easier to appeal (the same standard as in traditional court). See the Private Judging section of this site for more details on the process.


Smart Court® Arbitration is the “fast track” to having your case decided. This results in a much less expensive process than going to court. It is not uncommon for parties going through the traditional court to spend $50,000-$150,000 each in attorneys fees and court costs, and 18 to 30 months to get to trial. With Smart Court Arbitration your case is heard at lightning speed, resulting in huge savings to the parties.

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