The Better Way Through Spouse and Child Issues

Smart Court provides a faster and less expensive means of resolving property, business and debt division, support, custody and co-parenting issues, in a private, non-adversarial setting. Private handling of your family matters also helps return a sense of physical, emotional and financial stability as quickly as possible, to minimize harmful effects on couples and children.

Divorce, child  and other family issues are really difficult – we get it.  The traditional court system is reactive, not proactive. But we believe people deserve more than that; you deserve knowledgeable decision makers and facilitators who are committed to knowing your case and the needs of your family.  We are people committed to doing what it takes to give you a path to peace and resolution, in a thoughtful and economic fashion.

That’s why we started Smart Court – to bring a better justice experience to you and your family.

Your Path to Stability in Uncertain Times

When going through big life changes that come with the end of a relationship, fear of an unclear future and the cost of legal services can be paralyzing. Wondering how you and your spouse are going to afford the legal fees that come with “lawyering up”?  Thinking about a “DIY” divorce but the whole legal process seems overwhelming?

Traditional court is expensive and slow as molasses. Doing it yourself or using a paralegal service is risky and it’s easy to make big mistakes. Smart Court Mediation, Arbitration and Private Judging services save you money (big money).  Smart Court cases are typically resolved for 50% to 75% of the cost of a traditional court case.

We believe you deserve a streamlined, dignified, private justice experience.

At Smart Court, the Bennett-Ellsworth team are legal decision makers and neutrals who are seasoned experts in family law (not a court-assigned government judge who does not have the time nor experience required for your unique case). We believe you deserve a way to get through tough family moments successfully, where your hard-earned money and assets are preserved for your future. Most importantly, we believe you deserve a streamlined, dignified, private justice experience where your case is given top priority and finished, so you can get on with your life.

At Smart Court, you have many options. Whether you have an attorney or are self-represented, we can help you get in and out, and get to peace in record time. Check out the different offerings below and see which services are the best fit for your unique case.  Whether it’s Mediation, Arbitration, or Private Judging, when you’re ready, Smart Court is just a phone call away.