Leading Organizations Through Conflict & Change

If you lead or manage an organization, you know by now that every workplace generates conflicts – some big, some small, some chronic.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not know how to use conflict resolution skills to resolve internal or recurring conflict, or improve organizational communications. Smart Court® Conflict Resolution Consulting services can show you the way. Conflict Resolution Consulting helps you build a better culture, where everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Interventions for Organizational Conflict

The Smart Court® Conflict Consultants are not only experts in dispute resolution, they’ve successfully led organizations themselves. They’ve been where you are – boots on the ground and needing to move forward. When you want your organization to leverage conflict for a positive outcome (“never waste a conflict” we say around here…), the Smart Court Conflict Consultants are here to see you through. Some of the offerings include:

Mediation of Internal Conflicts (Between Groups or Individuals)

Is there conflict between departments, leaders or team members? Even the smallest disagreements, left unmanaged, can snowball into big resentment, resulting in deflated team morale and productivity. Early intervention through mediation is an extremely effective way to get the issue resolved, and get everyone back on track. When what you’re doing isn’t working, you can lean on the Smart Court® neutrals to mediate the issue to a better result.

Conflict Audits and Systems Design

Conflict undetected or unaddressed is like a box of smoldering embers, ready to ignite. Are you wondering how you can take your organization or team to the next level of productivity, passion and enthusiasm? Perhaps you’ve seen a subtle shift or dip in morale and can’t put your finger on it. When there are unproductive differences of opinion or outright conflicts, do you have a system in place to addressing it? Even growth and positive change can be a breeding ground for organizational conflict.

Is there a process for you, as the leader, to fall back on? Smart Court® Conflict Audits help you “take the temperature” of your team and identify where unmanaged conflict is living within the organization. Conflict Audits help you identify origins of conflict streams in your organization, so you can do something about it. Smart Court® Systems Design services give you custom processes, procedures and strategies for making the most out of organizational conflicts as they arise. Yes, conflict can be an “opportunity” if you’re ready for it – and we’ll be right by your side with the tools you need to lead through the challenges.

Conflict Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders

They say, “It’s lonely at the top . . . ” – and that’s particularly true when conflict arises. Let’s face it, most of us don’t get the kind of real-world, conflict coaching and mentoring we need before we are placed into leadership positions.

Are you having a tough time communicating with your team members or higher-ups? A skilled conflict coach identifies unproductive communication methods and shows you a better way. Is there conflict building within your organization and you’re not sure how to approach it? We know that ignoring conflict is usually the fast track to time and money loss. Your Smart Court® Conflict Coach comes along side, mentoring you through the steps to positive conflict management. Maybe you need to make a substantial change in your organization, but the anticipated objections are fueling procrastination on your part. At Smart Court®, we are agents of change and are ready to equip you with the skills you need to move your organization forward. Whatever it is, no challenge is too big or small – you shouldn’t go it alone. Through the hundreds of disputes we have handled over the last two decades, we know that conflict can be transformational (if you are well equipped and willing to embrace it). When you’re ready to bring in the reinforcements, we’re here.

Conflict Prevention and Training

The Bennett/Ellsworth team offers very effective, hands-on conflict resolution skills training programs for business, government and non-profit organizations. If you are looking to equip your leaders with the tools they need to minimize unproductive conflict in the workplace and with vendors, customers and affiliates, give us a call. With a custom designed training program tailored to your team’s needs, your leaders’ impact and influence will gain major momentum.

Facilitated Services (Team Building, Strategic Planning, Performance Reviews)

Are you looking for engaging, effective facilitators to help your team through a difficult conversation, group performance reviews, or strategic planning? Attorney Bennett and Judge Ellsworth bring a dynamic approach to these tasks, so you can focus on the topic and fully participate (rather than try to run the meetings and have meaningful involvement). With Faciliated meetings, workshops and reviews, the Bennett/Ellsworth team works with you in advance to create a successful event and increase participation and engagement. Facilitated meetings are a game changer, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t use this tool sooner!

Advanced Leadership Institutes and Conferences

Attorney Bennett and Judge Ellsworth love to equip others to lead bigger and better. In addition to custom-tailored training and facilitation services, several times a year Smart Court® holds specialized leadership institutes, seminars and conferences. To get on the early-bird list and receive pre-release information on the leadership conferences as they are scheduled, just complete the “Next Steps” form below and let us know you want to be “A-Listed”!

Pricing and Next Steps

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